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Rules and Regulations

Athletic Handbook

Student athletes are expected to have read the Newington High School Student Athlete Handbook and are expected to follow all athletic department and school rules.


    • Practice starts at 3:30 during the week, and 9 on Saturdays.
      • If youíre going to be late, please bring a note or pass from your teacher.
      • If youíre late without a pass, you wonít be able to practice.
      • Practice begins at 3:30, your coaches expect you to be ready to start practice at that time.
  • Student athletes are required to attend study hall in the cafeteria before practice until they are dismissed for practice. Students who are seeking extra help from teachers, attending meetings for school clubs, or have early release are excused from study hall on a day by day basis.
  • Appropriate running attire (running shoes, shorts, tee shirt for inside practice/running shoes, sweats, hat, gloves for outside) is required to practice. If you arenít prepared to run, you canít practice and will be marked absent. EVERYBODY NEEDS A WATCH.
  • All bags should be kept in a LOCKED locker and not brought to practice. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Bring everything you need to practice as you will not be permitted to leave to retrieve anything from your locker. You must provide your own lock. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Cell phones/electronic devices must remain in the locker room during practice. If you bring your cell phone, youíll be asked to leave practice and will be marked absent.
  • Please use the bathroom before warm ups, if you need to use the bathroom during practice, a porta-potty will be available. 
  • Practices and meets cannot be missed due to another sport.


  • Meets are typically on Tuesdays, but we will have some invitationals that are on Fridays or Saturdays.
  • We will only be bringing top performing athletes to away meets and to invitationals.
  • Be sure youíre paying attention during a meet. Listen for your event to be called and warm up properly. 
  • If you have to leave a meet early, Travel Release Forms must be turned in to the Athletic Director at least 2 days in advance. There are NO EXCEPTIONS! In addition to turning in this form, please inform the coaches that you have turned in the form. At the meet, tell a coach before you leave.
  • Keep the bus clean. Coaches will check the bus after everyone leaves. 
  • You are expected to participate in all events youíre signed up for. If you scratch an event without speaking to a coach, you will be scratched from the next meet.


  • Missing a practice with an unexcused absence will result in missing the next meet.
  • Missing more than two practices unexcused will result in dismissal from the team.
  • Missing a meet with an unexcused absence will result in missing the next meet.
  • Everybody has to stay through the end of the meet. You have the responsibility to tell your parents that youíre required to stay the duration of the meet.


Everything that needs to be communicated to the team will be done so through the Remind app. Sign up info can be found on the outdoor track pages.  Additionally, all pertinent information will be posted on the outdoor track pages.

Varsity Requirements

Score 20 points or qualify for states. 

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