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Rules and Expectations

Athletic Handbook

Student athletes are expected to have read the Newington High School Student Athlete Handbook and are expected to follow all athletic department and school rules.

Newington H.S. Outdoor Track And Field 2020

Important Dates

February 24-March 18: Outdoor Track registration. See attached for info on how to register.

Saturday, March 21: First Day of Practice

Pre Season Conditioning

Start conditioning before the first day of practice. If you do not run or start working out before the first day, you will be behind on your endurance and strength.

  • Distance/Mid Distance: Up to 6 easy runs a week. Core.

  • Sprinters: Run 2-3 times per week in addition to strength training (squats, pushups, lunges, etc.) and core workouts.


When: Monday-Friday, 3:30-5:30. Saturday 9-11

Where: At the field house.

What: You will need the following:

  • Running shoes

  • Weather appropriate running clothes. It could be very cold when the season starts, so be prepared. 

  • A watch - mandatory for distance. Highly suggested for sprinters.

  • A water bottle. Hydration is very important!



Meets are usually on Tuesdays, but we will have a few invitationals that may be on a Friday or a Saturday.We will bring as many people as possible to away meets, but due to limited bus capacity, we may have to limit our numbers. Everyone will compete at home meets.


If you miss practice without notifying a coach with an excusable absence via email or remind, you will not compete. You are expected to be on time, dressed for practice at 3:30. If youíre going to be late, bring a pass from your teacher. If you are late, without a pass, you will not compete in the next meet. It is considered an unexcused missed practice.


Other Things

Thereís a lot of talent on this team. Letís do our best to push each other to give 100% every day. Workouts are written by your coaches to make you better, so if you put the work in, youíll see results.

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