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2023 Preseason

Newington High School Indoor Track 2023 Preseason Information

Important Dates

Registration: 10/23/2023 - 11/20/2023.

First Day Of Practice: November 30, 2023

How To Register

All information regarding registration can be found by clicking this link:

  1. Be sure youíre academically eligible (must have passed 4 classes the first quarter)

  2. Be sure youíve filled out the registration form on under the registration tab.

  3. Be sure your physical is up to date

  4. Be sure youíve paid the registration fee. 


Remind: text @nhsindoor to 81010 indoor track page. Weekly schedules will be posted there.


Preseason Prep

Itís imperative to prepare for the season for two important reasons: to avoid injury and to create a base fitness.

  1. Coming into the season having done nothing to prepare can lead to injury and potentially loss of practice time for recovery

  2. Creating a fitness base will prepare you for workouts much earlier in the season.


Things you can do to prep:

  1. Work on endurance: light jogging, bike, elliptical, swimming, etc. Distance athletes should be doing easy running 3-6 days a week.

  2. Work on strength: you can do something as simple as body weight squats and lunges, or if you have a gym membership, lifting is helpful. Adding a core strength workout (situps, pushups, planks, etc) is crucial to peak performance. Thereís a core workout list posted at the bottom of the indoor track page.


Distance: 2:45-4:15.

  • Distance will be outside almost every day, depending on the weather. Bring whatever you need to stay warm for outside practice.

Sprinters: TBD

  • Sprints will be outside for as long as possible, but if itís too cold, we will practice inside. 


Everyone should come prepared for practice. Running shoes and running attire is mandatory, watches are highly encouraged.

 If you want to compete, you have to be at practice, especially the day before a meet.



Most meets for indoor track are on Friday or Saturday. Due to the lack of facilities and available meets, we cannot promise that everyone will compete at every meet. There are also varsity-only meets which will be limited to varsity athletes.


Meets are invitationals only, no dual meets.


  • Sprints: 55m, 55h, 300m, 600m

  • Distance: 1000m, 1600m, 3200m, 

  • Relays: 4x200, 4x400, 4x800, SMR (200m, 200m, 400m, 800m)

  • High jump, long jump


  • We will publish the schedule once it becomes available (early December).

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