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Concussion Management

Concussion management is an area that Newington Athletics emphasizes to our coaches and staff. Our main objective has always been, and always will be, to ensure the safety and welfare of each student athlete who participates in our program. In conjunction with the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC), Newington High School would like to communicate some important information regarding concussions and the strides our state has taken to stay ahead of the country in making sure our student athletes' health is our paramount concern.

In 2010, the Connecticut Legislature passed a law requiring concussion management education for all coaches. Since that law went into effect, over 13,000 coaches have benefited from the concussion course developed by our Coaching Education Program in consultation with the state department of education, the Connecticut Concussion Task Force and the Connecticut Athletic Trainers Association.

Beginning in 2014, Newington High School will be providing education about the signs and symptoms of concussions to all student athletes and their parents prior to the student engaging in interscholastic activities. Each student athlete and parent will need to sign the Concussion Education Plan and Consent Form in order for their student athlete to gain a uniform for participation. The information will be given at our preseason meetings to present pertinent information regarding the recognition of concussion signs and symptoms of a concussion; the means of obtaining proper medical treatment for a person suspected of sustaining a concussion; the nature and risks of concussion, including the danger of continuing to play after sustaining a concussion; and the proper method of allowing a student athlete who has sustained a concussion to return to play.

Supportive materials which can aide in the dissemination of the information may include the following documents and videos from the NFHS, CDC, and CT Concussion Task Force.

  *Newington High School Concussion Education and Consent Plan*

(IMPORTANT: The Newington High School Concussion and Education Plan must be signed and on file in the Athletic Office in order for a student athlete to participate in any athletic activity)



CIAC Concussion Video

• A Parent’s Guide to Concussion -
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• Concussion and Mild TBI -
• Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports -
• Heads Up Online Training Course -
• Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet -
• Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet (Spanish) -
• Link to the CCTS Video -
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