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When: Tuesday, October 24th @ 5:30 pm

Where: NHS Cafe

Who is Invited: All student athletes, and parents/guardians, interested in gaining information on participating in college athletics.


Preparation to play Division I or Division II sports must begin as soon as a student athlete begins their high school career. Below are some key resources that will assist all student athletes and parents to make sure they are making the right decisions and monitoring their progression through high school.

Eligibility Center Webinar (Great resource for DI and DII student athletes)

NCAA Eligibility Center

Navigating Initial Eligibility During COVID-19

NCAA COVID-19 Webinar

NCAA Levels of Competition

NCAA Presentation: Molly McCarthy Paperwork

NCAA Eligibility Center (Resources)

NCAA Transcript Request Process

Guide for College Bound Student Athlete
    How the Eligibility Process Works
    When Should a Student Register

Approved/Denied Newington High School Courses (FOR NCAA ONLY)

Transcript Release Form

NCAA Div. I & II Initial Eligibility

Reference Sheet (Test scores & GPA eligibility)

Division I & II Worksheets

Probability of Competing in Interscholastic Athletics Beyond High School


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