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Traits for being a Captain

Leadership Qualities  

How to be a captain

If you are looking to be a captain of Softball please understand the following things are what we are looking for:

1) Be a team leader - talk to your teammates, listen to them, and display the actions that demonstrate leadership
2) Be great in the classroom - Maintain good grades both in and out of season.  Captains should not have grades lower then a C+.
3) Enforce positive thinking - Give the team hope and motivate the team to play the game hard no matter the outcome
4) Be Unselfish - The game is not about you!!!!  This is a team game and everything we do is about the team getting better and reaching their potential.
5) Be the hardest worker - Be first one to practice and the last one to leave.  Make sure all the small things get done and demand from your teammates that they work hard in practice and be ready for every game.
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