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Team Rules

Softball Team Rules

1. Student before athlete.  Take care of your grades before worrying about playing softball
2. Be on time to all practices and games.  If you are going to be late inform coach (via remind) and bring a pass from the person you were with after school.
3. Be respectful of all coaches, teammates, opponents, and officials.  Treat your teammates like family!!!
4. In the event you are going to miss a practice or game, please call Coach Markie or text via remind that you will not be there that day.
5. Be responsible for your actions.  Learn from your mistakes and take every opportunity to get better.  Know your assignment for your position.  It makes it hard to play you if you are not sure what your responsibilities are.
6. Treat practices like a game.  Perfect practice makes perfect.  Coach Meyers talks about E.D.G.E. (every day great effort).
7. Always pick up fields leaving them in better condition than when you arrived.  This means both home and away fields.
8. Dress appropriately for games and practices: NHS T-Shirt, Shorts, Sweats, or Baseball pants.
9. If you miss games because of vacation you will have to sit out a half of game for every game you miss once you return.
    All vacations and missed practices should be put in writing and given to the coaching staff ASAP.
10. To get a varsity letter you must: Be on the 18 player post season roster, suit up for a minimum of half of all the contests, and
     play in a minimum of 40% of the team games.
11. HAVE FUN!!!!!

* If something doesn't make you a better Person, Athlete, or Student you shouldn't do it.  Always think before you act!!!!!! 
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